Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sizzling Hot


 I'm adding this red hot trouser to the summer heat!  When you can't beat them, join them.  Hahaha  This wide leg trouser makes a statement don't you think?  Don't need much with this look, a  pretty off the shoulder top with an added bow, a pair of silver metallic pump, some hoop earrings, and a classic black clutch is all that's needed.  :)

Thanks for your visit today, I'll see you on the next post.  Have a wonderful day.

Much Love,


  1. Very nice combo. Your pants looks comfy with the cool gray top. Love the simple yet classy top. I'm enjoying the beautiful scenery of your posts too.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks so much for leaving me your thoughts on my posts. I'm so happy you are enjoying the scenery of these photos too. :)

      Big Hug :)